What is Greeklodgings.gr?

Greeklodgings is neither a travel agency nor a real-estate company. Instead, our unique service connects visitors with available accommodation options in the Dodecanese islands of Greece.

In a way, Greeklodgings is similar to a classified ad service. We provide property owners with advertising space and they control the content of their ads. Please note that Greeklodgings.gr is not a rental property agent. We do not rent property directly. The property owners are also responsible for all aspects of the rental of any property described in a listing, such as payment processing, fulfilment, delivery of keys and other materials, customer service, invoicing and collection, and is responsible for all aspects of rental of his lodging to the prospective client.

As a courtesy to visitors to its site, Greeklodgings also provides other relevant information on the Dodecanese islands such as ferry and airplane schedules, advertisements of local businesses and general information for the inquisitive traveller.

How do I get in touch with you?

We may be reached by e-mail at the following addresses:
Suggestions and comments:

How do I make a reservation?

To book your holiday using this service, simply follow the steps below:
1. Find the lodging that best suits your needs.
2. Contact the owner at the e-mail address, fax or telephone number provided.
3. The property owner/manager will be your direct contact for all booking reservations

If you wish for us to relay your information to one of the landlords who has listed his or her property with us but does not have an e-mail, you can fill in the online form we provide.
We will relay for you to the owner of the property you are interested in your information. Please note that this does *NOT* mean that we will be making reservations for you. As a courtesy, we will simply be forwarding your information to the owners of the property you are interested in. All arrangements and reservations must be made with them directly.